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Get Gunged! (Deposit)

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(A LOT more gunge is used in our Experiences... We just didn’t want to waste it on a plastic stool!)

Come along to our new set at our filming location in Birmingham and get gunged in our fully transparent gunge tank!

Feeling nostalgic for 1990s TV?

Wanting to give an unusual birthday gift?

A totally different stag or hen party treat?

Our unique gunge tank will give an unforgettable experience for all "lucky" recipients of the slime!

Different experience levels are now available - see the table below. (For a larger version, see the product gallery.)

Pay the deposit today

+  the balance no later than 7 days before the experience

Availability Calendar

What you need to do and know:

  • Please select the level of Experience you would like using the drop down menu before using the "Add to Basket" button
  • Check the availability calendar - this is updated daily, so in the unlikely event your chosen date is already taken, we will find an alternative date that suits you
  • Please include your chosen date and start time (Experiences can start between 10AM and 4PM) in the "Message to Seller" box on the Shopping Basket page before proceeding to checkout
  • We’ll be in touch to confirm the location and arrangements within 48 hours, usually 24 hours, of your deposit being received
  • 14 days before your experience, we’ll email you a link to pay your remaining balance. This needs to be paid no later than 7 days before the Experience takes place.***
  • Turn up to your Experience on your chosen date and have fun!
  • The experience lasts between 1 and 4 hours depending on the Experience chosen (see table), including showering. We will clean the tank afterwards, don't worry!
  • Please note: no more than 3 people are permitted on site due to limited space. If you have multiple tanks of gunge in your chosen experience, share the gungings between you, if you wish!
  • We provide towels, hairdryer and washing facilities. Also we can provide clothing for one person, if requested in advance.



Where do the Experiences take place?

On the very same set that we film our own shows. We’re based in the middle of Birmingham, 3 minutes walk from New Street national rail station and with plenty of car parks close by. More precise details will be given upon paying your deposit or on request.

Are there hotels nearby?

Plenty! We are in the city centre so there’s a huge choice of hotels to suit any budget.

When can the Experience take place?

All Experiences can start between 10AM and 4PM. Evening Experiences are possible on some days - but please email us first.

Why is a deposit required?

Please remember, we primarily produce videos to sell. A day spent preparing for and providing your Experience is a day we cannot film or edit our usual content. We will also ensure that we have enough gunge ordered in and made up for your experience. Naturally, this must be ordered in by us and mixed up in advance of your Experience. Some Experiences take longer to prepare for and involve more gunge - this is why the deposit is higher for some Experiences.

What can I wear?

Whatever you like! Just be aware that, although the gunge is safe and our suppliers say that it doesn’t not stain, we cannot guarantee this. We can provide one set of t-shirt and shorts or joggers, if you'd rather not wear your own gear.

Will there be footage of my Experience? Can I bring my own camera?

The Single Slime, Standard Slime and Quiz Experience include one camera filming your Experience with footage to be given to you within 48 hours of your Experience. If you prefer, you may use your own camera (at your own risk).

The Quiz Experience + Video includes multiple camera angles edited into a complete episode, given to you as soon after the Experience as is feasible (usually within 2 weeks but may take longer if we have a heavy filming schedule).

For the Private Hire Experience, we will provide 3 cameras and / or you may use your own (at your own risk).


Can I gunge a friend / family member?

With their permission, yes of course. Just be aware that if you bring them along for a surprise gunging and they refuse, we can’t give any refunds!

How safe are the Experiences?

Your health and safety is our top priority. We shall go through safety procedures before beginning and check that you’re happy before proceeding. Our set and facilities are kept clean between shoots and experiences. Rest assured, we’re fully insured! (Just... don’t eat the gunge. It’s safe for consumption but it doesn’t taste very nice, according to some of our previous contestants.)

Can I change my chosen Experience level after booking?

Get in touch and we'll see what we can do. We won't be able to refund any deposits if you are changing to a less expensive Experience, but your final balance will be reduced accordingly. If you are switching to a higher level Experience, you will need to pay the extra deposit and may have to wait longer for video footage after the Experience has taken place.

Can I request specific colours of gunge?

We will do our best to give you the colours that you'd like, if you let us know early on.

How much gunge is used?

Each tankload is primed with around 20 - 25 litres of gloopy gunge... Or, in other words: Plenty! You’ll see from our pictures and trailers that our contestants are totally covered when they take part - the Experience participants are no different! (Don’t use the Birmingham TV clip as a guide: we used only a small amount of gunge as that was just for a demonstration.)

Anything else you’d like to know? Drop us an email: email@quizbob.net


 *The amount of gunge used in the Quiz Experiences varies, depending on the quiz selected and how well (or badly!) you do in the quiz.

**Private Hire includes 6 tanks as standard. More can be arranged if requested, at extra cost.

***If the remaining balance has not been paid 7 days before your experience, the date will be released. That date, or any alternative date, cannot be secured until full balance has been paid.