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Hair Brained is our way of spicing up charity head shaves, by adding a QuizBob twist. Contestants brave enough to take part are doing so to help raise money for their chosen charities - and raise a few smiles in the process!

Kristian gets his trim!

They'll be trying to answer the questions they are posed correctly, since each right answer will eliminate one of the pretty horrendous hairstyles from the game.

Then, it's up to the Trim Wheel to randomly remove more of the dodgy hairdos...

Whatever's left at the end of the show is the trim that they'll be getting, whether they like it or not!

Maybe they'll manage to keep "Just a Trim", or perhaps they'll be walking away "Totally Shaved"... Or it could be one of the many other scare-cuts on offer...

Which trim would you dread receiving the most?


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    Hair Brained - Kristian

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    Hair Brained - Kristian