About Us

Based in the centre of Birmingham, UK, QuizBob Productions produce fun internet quiz shows alongside the chance to get covered in slime for anyone brave enough to take a seat in our gunge tank!


It all started with an idea for a quiz called Mucked Up in early 2018. Pilot shows were recorded and surprisingly popular. A longer run of episodes through the second half of 2018 proved even more popular, and so Mucked Up was joined by Drop It in early 2019 - an equally silly quiz, with the tension turned up to eleven.

Later in 2019, a third messy quiz - Slime Balls - appeared, where luck as well as knowledge was needed by our players if they wanted to succeed.

2019 saw our amazing supporters raise over £3,000 in just a fortnight to help us build a brand new set and gunge tank.

All productions are now filmed using the new set, and it's now possible for anyone to have a turn in the tank too by booking an Experience slot with lots of different options available.

The first new format to be filmed on the new set was Puzzle Funnel, where logical thinking and quick wits are needed to stay clean!

Since then, both People Power and Tank Top have been added to make SIX original format shows!

QuizBob Productions is the creation of Rob Barnes - he creates the formats, he writes the questions, he produces all the shows. Also, he is the voice behind (or should that be, on top of) many of our original productions.

Find out more about our quiz productions by following our Twitter and Instagram feeds, both @QuizBobNet.


QuizBob Productions is fully GDPR compliant - your data is safe with us, whether you are purchasing videos, visiting us for an Experience, a contestant on one of our shows or just getting in touch to say hello! You can see our ICO registration here.