The Future of QuizBob

Many of you may have seen a recent Kickstarter campaign for a new project called Solitary Sixty due to begin later in the year.

Long-term QuizBob regulars might remember a similar campaign for the QuizBob gunge tank from 5 years ago (yes, really - it was in early 2019!).

As with that Kickstarter, the Solitary Sixty campaign performed better than I anticipated, with more amazing backers once again believing in the new project enough to pledge their support.

And just like 5 years ago, I’m left with a difficult choice to make.

Back then, I moved from working on QuizBob part-time to full-time on the strength of the support shown and the scale of the project.

Now, I must do the same for Solitary Sixty.

That is not to say that this is the end of QuizBob!

However, I would be foolish to think that I can divide my time between two productions simultaneously and for them both to be of the quality that the generous supporters of both QuizBob and Solitary Sixty should rightly expect.

Therefore, for at least a few months from early summer, I must focus full-time on Solitary Sixty.

It is possible that Solitary Sixty could be a short term project. I certainly never expected QuizBob to last this long! Likewise, I have no expectations for the duration of Solitary Sixty.

It’s possible that within a year, QuizBob is fully operational again. Or it might be that Solitary Sixty becomes my full-time project. Perhaps I’ll dedicate 6 months of the year to QuizBob, 6 months to Solitary Sixty… I simply don’t know at this stage!

What about new content? Shows have always been recorded quite a long way in advance - for example, one of the shows releasing soon was filmed in 2022 - so despite not filming any content at all in 2024, there are still several new episodes to be released over the coming months.

Ending filming allows me more time to host Gunge Tank Experiences, which will be coming to an end in April. It’s fair to anticipate that the remaining spaces will be booked relatively quickly.

If you’ve always wanted to visit for a QuizBob Gunge Tank Experience but so far haven’t - this could be your last chance. I’m hoping to see as many of you as the schedule allows, so please book now to secure your spot under the slop!


And to everybody who’s already visited for an Experience, bought downloads or, in many cases, both - thank you for making QuizBob an amazing experience for me!