Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for Experience bookings

Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for Experience bookings

(Updated 23rd September 2020)


Birmingham restrictions:

You may have seen in the news that Birmingham has been placed under tighter restrictions than much of the rest of England and the UK. These new restrictions do not prevent Experiences from taking place. QuizBob Productions is a full-time business, strictly adhering to the necessary measures to keep both our visitors and staff safe, as detailed below. We have been hosting COVID-secure Experiences since early July and all of our customers have enjoyed their visits immensely. You can book in the confidence that your health and safety will always be our top priority!

Small businesses such as QuizBob Productions across England continue to operate and are really grateful for your support. All businesses must comply with government regulations, and we are going above and beyond to make sure our Experiences are safe.

We don't just adhere to government regulations, we also follow all the applicable official guidelines from the UK television industry, too. These have been approved by the BBC, ITV, Sky and other major UK television producers.

The QuizBob set has minimal visitors - only Experience customers and the participants in our filmed productions. Only one member of staff is ever present for Experiences and filming. (In other words, far fewer people than would be visiting a pub or coffee shop!)

The Experience location is next to both a multi-storey car park and Birmingham New Street station - so however you choose to arrive, you'll be close to where you need to be!

Here's how our "GET GUNGED!" Experiences are currently affected:

  • The Experiences are COVID-secure, with 2m social distancing observed whenever visitors are outside our "gunge tank" and hand sanitiser used frequently.
  • All facilities, including shower and "gunge tank" will be cleaned (as always!) before each new visitor. Our tank has a full length door, so forms a perfect all-round shield between you and staff for the majority of your visit!
  • Postponement of bookings may be necessary in order to follow changes in UK government or local authority restrictions (i.e. a local "lockdown"), or if either QuizBob staff or the customer are required to self-isolate on the booked date. All visitors are required to sign a declaration on arrival that they have not had COVID-symptoms (as described here by the NHS) in the previous 10 days, and that no-one in their household or “bubble” has shown symptoms in the previous 14 days.
  • We strongly advise that any related travel or accommodation booked in advance includes appropriate insurance as we cannot be held liable for associated costs.
  • Deposits and balance payments for Experiences are non-refundable. However, bookings can be postponed if required - even at short notice - without incurring any additional charges.
  • We request that, until further notice, visitors bring all their own clothes, toiletries and towels. Please bear this in mind.

If you've any questions, please do get in touch via or on social media @QuizBobNet on both Twitter and Instagram.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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