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Drop It - Jordan F

QuizBob Productions

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The first ever Drop It features student and YouTuber Jordan. Will this cheeky chap keep his Aston Villa shorts clean?

Starting off by trying to gain as many points as he can, Jordan faces questions about geography, celebrities, the price of milk and... umm.. fruit. All he has to drop the wrong answers one-by-one from the board and keep the correct ones. When he thinks he has only correct answers left, he can lock in his answer.

Of course, there's a price to pay for any mistakes made. Drop a correct answer or lock in a wrong answer and rather than winning a point, we drop the gunge on him!

The game then descends deep into the Drop It Dungeon. One final question for Jordan. Any points he's scored will make his task easier. He can take his time, change his mind and only lock in when he's sure... It's a question about his beloved Aston Villa, so it should be easy - right? He doesn't want to slip up here! A mistake - just one mistake - means he becomes a captive in the Dungeon for the duration of the Super Drop! Gunge after slime after gunk after slop - and there's no escape...

You might also like to see Jordan's behind the scenes vlog of his day filming with us here - free to watch on YouTube.

  • Running time: 18mins approx.
  • Video format: 1080p
  • File format: mp4
  • File size: 827 MB

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