Solitary Sixty


Solitary Sixty is the new project from the same creator of QuizBob Productions. It’s a completely new project - it’s not a new QuizBob format!

It’ll follow the same basic formula, with produced videos featuring a similar mix of models, performers and influencers plus visitor experiences for those who want to take on the challenge themselves.

What’s the difference, then?
The most obvious difference is that Solitary Sixty won’t feature any gunge. At all. Or any quizzing, for that matter!

Instead, participants in Solitary Sixty will be given a simple choice: Endure… or Escape!

Similar to Chained then?

Participants might be dressed in prisoner uniforms and handcuffs. But that’s where any similarities end: as already mentioned, there’s no quiz and no gunge!

Instead, the participants are imprisoned from the very start, inside a small caged solitary “cell” with standing room only and plenty of locks keeping them secure. As the name suggests, they will be locked up for sixty minutes, in complete isolation.

Some may choose to accept their fate and endure their imprisonment. Perhaps they may even want to enjoy a full hour of quiet, shut away from the distractions of the world!

Others may want to attempt an escape. This could be achieved by clever combination cracking, finding the correct keys or just sheer good-fortune.

Sounds good - now what?

The Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded in January 2024.

It’s hoped to have the first show released around the end of May. Kickstarter backer experiences should then be taking place from June to December.

If you’ve visited QuizBob for an Experience or enjoyed any of the quiz downloads, I’m sure you’ll love the fresh challenges offered by Solitary Sixty - but would you choose to endure or escape?

Be sure to follow the new Solitary Sixty socials - it’s the same handle @solitarysixty on Instagram, X / Twitter, TikTok and YouTube.

Kickstarter for Solitary Sixty