Gunge Tank Experiences - Available Quiz Formats

If you choose our QUIZ or PRO packages when booking your Gunge Tank Experience, you can choose which of our original quiz formats you'd like to play, too! (Don't worry if you can't decide - we'll pick one at random for you instead.) All QUIZ and PRO Experiences use the same amount of gunge - it's only the format that differs.

 Mucked Up

 Available for QUIZ and PRO bookings 

The game that started it all! You'll be sorting out Mucked Up sequences in the hope of finding the correct order. Every sequence correctly solved will earn you extra help for the Mucky Box Top 10 at the end of the game.

The game consists of 4 sequences in the first part of the show (and 4 possible gungings!), followed by a final top 10 sequence with a mucky-coloured gunging for failing (and a "consolation prize" of yet another tank load, too!)

Find out more about Mucked Up by looking at our downloads here!


Drop It

 Available for QUIZ and PRO bookings 

It should be easy - you're given all of the correct answers for each question you face! The problem is, there are wrong answers there too. Drop all the wrong answers, keep the correct ones. Lock in the board when you only have correct answers remaining. But make a mistake, and the gunge drops on you instead of scoring a point!

4 question boards are followed by the Double Drop - a super-sized question board with a double gunging if you fail!

Find out more about Drop It by looking at our downloads here!


Puzzle Funnel

 Available for QUIZ and PRO bookings 

You'll be trying to win yourself bonus time for facing the Puzzle Funnel - just solve the simple puzzles! But can you handle the pressure of a ticking clock and a gunging if you answer wrongly?

5 time-builder puzzles are followed by the final Puzzle Funnel challenge.

Find out more about Puzzle Funnel by looking at our downloads here!


Half Truths

 NEW FOR 2023! 
 Available for QUIZ bookings only 
 (New bookings only, booked for dates from June 2023 onwards) 

Match up the pairs of Half Truths to find some fascinating true facts. Mis-match a pair or uncover one of the dreaded Half Fibs and you'll be getting gunged! Can you go all the way to find all the pairs? Or will you hit the Quit Button, banking your points but releasing the gunge?

3 challenging "tests" to build up your points tally are followed by the Super Test at the end of your game. Fail to score full marks in that and you get Super Messed - in other words, very, very messy indeed!

Find out more about Half Truths by looking at our downloads here!