QuizBob Experience REVIEWS

We don't like to blow our own trumpet... But here are a few kind words from some of our lovely Experience visitors...


I booked the Get Gunged Pro package playing Drop It. Rob is an excellent host, makes you feel really welcome before you meet your fate in the Gunge Tank. My usual failings at quizzes meant I got properly covered, head to toe, many many times! The video production is just as high as a normal QuizBob show as well. Definitely recommend it. You won’t be disappointed.


A thoroughly enjoyable experience taking part in one of QuizBob’s famous games of Drop It. The whole thing surpassed my expectations, from the communication when booking, to the friendly welcome on arrival and the excellent facilities post-gunging. Would highly recommend to anyone who has ever considered getting gunged. A truly nostalgic experience, celebrating everything great about gunge.



Brilliant! If you've ever wondered what it's like on TV with a gunge tank, book the Quiz Experience! There is plenty of gunge and it's thick and colourful. Rob is an excellent host and really builds the tension as you wait to find out if you've answered correctly or not.



thoroughly recommend the QuizBob Experience. Rob is very amiable and puts you at ease. Fans of the show will know that it’s a very solid quiz format, and fun to play. Knowing that a wrong answer has the jeopardy of a tank full of gunge over your head really gives you the feeling like you’re on a proper TV show. The gunge is high quality and plentiful; after six tankings I was as gunged up as I’d hope I’d be! Definitely worth the money.



If you like messy gameshows, this is what you should do,

Book a session with QuizBob and sit beneath lots of goo,

Answer incorrectly and heaps of thick gunge will descend,

You'll be sent a great video to watch back at the end!



I had a fantastic experience at QuizBob from start to finish. Rob is an excellent host who makes you feel very welcome and provided great on-site facilities. I got thoroughly gunged and the setting was like you were on a TV show. Highly recommended and worth every penny. Thank you Rob and I will look forward to returning!



What a brilliant experience, Rob is an excellent host and a great quiz master. The set up is really professional using a "proper" gunge tank and almighty amounts of gunge really thick and gloopy - I was well and truly covered. Anyone thinking of getting gunged must give QuizBob a go, really well run and put together so you can have a lot of confidence in the whole experience. It was really really good fun, I will definitely be back to try another quiz.



Had my first gunge experience at QuizBob and it was awesome! Rob is a great host for putting you at ease and making the whole experience fun. The gunge is high quality - and there's loads of it, and the film quality is great too so you can watch the experience back. Would recommend to anyone who wants the genuine experience of a quiz show gunging, complete with all the build-up, tension and head-to-toe covering in good thick gunge.