Contestant Collection

Our contestants on Mucked Up aren't your average quiz show contestants. We choose players who have that extra something. People who are awesome and are aspiring to do great things (or already succeeding) in their chosen field(s).

Meet our awesome people here, with the most recent contestants at the top. Please, watch their videos, listen to their music, swoon at their modelling shots; whatever it is they do, we adore them all and hope you will too!


Episode 13: Jordan Bridgewater

Jordan is a budding actor and model, who also appeared in our (since archived) first pilot episode of Mucked Up.

Did his prior experience help him at all in his proper episode? Well...


Episode 12: Scott Wilkes

Scott Wilkes

Scott is a model and singer with plenty of experience at performing live across the country!

He also auditioned for The X Factor in 2018 - something that we did not realise until after he recorded his episode. So the fact that he faced a question about The X Factor in round 2 was a total coincidence!

You can find out more about him on his website.


Episode 11: Dan Robinson

 Dan Robinson

Dan is an animal-loving barman who's trying to break into the modelling industry. Just one look at his Instagram should be enough to persuade you that he's bound to make it sooner rather than later!


Episode 10: Daniel Sheridan

Daniel Sheridan

Daniel is used to high-pressure situations in his day job. He's also a fitness fanatic, a boxer and... a model! That's quite a small section on any career Venn diagram, it must be said.


Episode 9: Jamie Gregory

Jamie is a very creative guy! Studying textile art at De Montfort University, he tells us he doesn't mind getting messy... Well, that's lucky then! Take a look at his Instagram here.


Episode 8: Callum Brocklesby

Callum is currently studying at university in Manchester, as well as being a football coach and - of course - a model. Take a look at his Instagram!


Episode 7: Louis Williams

Louis Williams

A naturally hilarious talent, Louis is also breaking into the modelling world. He has experience as an actor and also trained as a dancer.

(Just don't ask him to narrate your travel documentary... if you see the show, you'll know what we mean.)


Episode 6: Artur Mizerski

Artur is a fashion model with a very distinctive look - his awesome tattoos, piercings and blond hair make him stand out from the crowd!

Have a look at his Instagram page where he regularly uploads photos from his various fashion shoots.


Episode 5: Connor Darlington and Anesu Mutara

Connor and Anesu are mates from Leicester, although Anesu spends most of his time in Hollywood these days - and no, I don't mean the village in Worcestershire.

Connor is a video maker, keen YouTuber, singer of some awesome covers and an expert in all things social media.

Anesu - who's in the video above with Connor, if you didn't spot him - is kind of a big deal. Check out his IMDB page if you don't believe us! He acts, he dances, he's a musician, and he's pretty good at Mucked Up too! You might have spotted him before in this Apple commercial for the iPhone 7 Plus.




Episode 4: Aiden Kirby

Aiden Kirby

Hailing from Leicester - though a firm Man United supporter - Aiden is a semi-pro footballer for Coalville Town, a football coach and a model.

Take a look at his Instagram and his modelling portfolio!


Episode 3: Brad O'Neill

Brad O'Neill

Brad is a hugely talented pop recording artist, songwriter and video producer from Solihull.

Brad O'Neill logo

You can hear his music on Spotify, see his videos on YouTube and watch his latest video right here:

His current track "Alone" was released on August 17th and can be found on Spotify.

Episode 2: Matt York


How to describe Matt (other than ridiculously good-looking)? Busy, would be one word.

As well as being a model for several fashion labels, he has also recently released his own line of clothing.

Matt modelling

On top of that, he's a mobile barber and also a bar manager.

Matt barber

Plus, he has some exciting TV work lined up in the next few months too.

In other words, we are very lucky that he found the time to visit the Mucked Up tower to take part in his episode. But was he lucky when he played... or did that dazzling smile and perfect hair end up being coated in our mixture of slime, gunge and muck?


Episode 1: Brett Lawless

Eighteen year old Brett is far more talented than any eighteen year old really should be.

He's a musician: a pianist, a drummer, a bassist, a vocalist.

He’s a surfer dude and a skater boi. He's into fashion.

He makes YouTube videos.

His music is on Spotify - take a listen!

He's also hilarious. Completely insane, but in a good way. You'll LOVE his show. We do.

That's why he'll always be our Player One.

(And we can't look at a Jaffa Cake or a unicorn without smiling anymore. If you know... you know.)