Information for potential contestants

Thanks for expressing an interest in joining us at QuizBob for some quizzing!



Who or what is QuizBob?

We're an independent production company, and we make quiz shows in Birmingham for viewers around the world.

After filming, the shows are edited in-house. Our viewers then buy downloads via our website... the one you're on right now, in fact.

Our new recording run started this summer on our brand new set. Our "gunge tank" was funded by Kickstarter backers who helped us raise over £3,000!

What quiz shows do you make?

They're all our own formats. Most are general knowledge based. Some also require some good luck; others may include puzzles instead. All of them involve (almost certainly) getting messy.


Why are the shows messy?

To be honest, we aren't entirely sure. We have made shows that didn't involve gunge and slime. But not that many viewers were interested in them. When we launched our first messy show Mucked Up, people LOVED it. And any other shows we make that involve our contestants getting gunged has proved equally popular. So, that's become our "thing" - making game shows with slime! (And don't worry, there's showering facilities for you to clean up afterwards.)


Do I need to be good at quizzes?

Not at all. All that we ask is that you do your thinking aloud, taking as long as you like. We try to create quizzes at least partly based around your interests, so that you'll be able to look as though you know what you're talking about, even if you end up getting the answers wrong!


What types of show are there?

We have Standard Shows and Quick Shows.

The Standard Shows take around 90 minutes to film a complete episode. The Quick Shows take under an hour, typically around 45 minutes.


What sort of shows will I film?

If you're not local, then we prefer to film two shows in one afternoon - usually a Standard and a Quick show. These take about two to two-and-a-half hours.

If you're close to Birmingham City Centre, you might prefer to just film one show - Standard or Quick - and return another day to film another show or two. This can take under an hour for a Quick Show. (Equally, if you want to film two shows, let us know and we will see what we can do!)


What are the standard shows?

Firstly there's Mucked Up. This is the show that started it all!

The basic premise of the show is to unscramble "mucked up" sequences of answers, such as the height of 5 different footballers or the populations of 6 different countries. Score a point for getting it right, get "mucked up" if you get it wrong.

Similar in many ways, our second hit show was Drop It.

We give you questions with multiple answers. Some correct, some incorrect. Keep the correct answers. Drop the incorrect answers. But beware: drop a correct answer by mistake and something gooey drops on you instead.


And how about the Quick Shows?

Slime Balls is a rather cruel fun-fair game. The "slime balls" are hiding in our Mucky Dip. Find the Good Balls to try for the prize. Find the Bad Balls and you leave with nothing. Each ball also hides a bonus question for extra cash or a pie in the face!


Puzzle Funnel started production in Summer 2019 on our new set. Featuring word and picture puzzles, as with all of our shows you can expect a messy time for wrong answers!


Any other shows?

We another show called People Power that pits two friends (or relatives, colleagues, etc) against one another. In the days before the shoot, you'll both be trying to get the most votes on social media to gain the advantage in the show itself. The bigger the share of the vote, the more likely you'll be staying cleaning and get to gunge your opponent at the end of the show.

If you think you know someone who might be interested in joining you on a shoot, let us know!

There's also usually a pilot show or two in the planning stages - these don't always make it onto the website but would still pay the same appearance fee if you were to take part.

Where are you?

We're in Birmingham City Centre - we literally overlook New Street station, so getting here is easy by train! There's also numerous car parks nearby if you prefer to drive.

Will you cover my transport costs?

Within reason, yes. We'll even pre-book your train tickets if you want us to!


Did you mention an appearance fee?

Absolutely. We'll pay you for appearing on the show, depending on how many shows you film with us and if you've appeared on our shows before. Please note that any cash prizes on the shows are entirely fictional - but you will receive the appearance fee, no matter how well / badly you do in the quizzes, however!


What else do I need to know?

We film in the afternoons, generally starting around 1.30pm but can be flexible around your plans. Evenings and weekends are possible to film, if you prefer. There's really no need to take time off work to film with us - we'll do our best to fit with you!

If you’d like to see any example episodes, let us know and we can send you a free link to see any that you’re interested in playing yourself.

If you’ve any further questions, get in touch - you can text / WhatsApp us at 07368348231 if you like.

Finally, here's a video of us on local network Birmingham TV: