Heartfelt "Thank You" During Challenging Times

Heartfelt "Thank You" During Challenging Times

Well, 2020 turned sour pretty quickly, didn't it?

Hopefully all of you out there are keeping safe and healthy!

I just wanted to extend a massive thanks to all of our amazing customers for your support during these uncertain times.

If you're in the UK, you may have seen the support package for self-employed people announced yesterday. QuizBob Productions is operated by me as a self-employed sole trader, but unfortunately I am not eligible for the support as it currently stands.*

So, for now, it is only the sale of videos providing my income, hence why I'm even more grateful than usual for your ongoing support! ("Get Gunged" Experiences can still be booked for the future, but understandably customers are reluctant to do so at the present time. Also, balance payments are currently postponed since Experiences cannot currently take place.)

With your continued support, you can ensure QuizBob Productions will continue to be there when you need to raise a smile.

There will be new videos released over the next few weeks and months - all recorded before the current restrictions, of course! - but these will be spread out over a greater period. A brand new episode of Puzzle Funnel will be released very soon, with a brand new player!

The current Build Your Own Boxset offer will also continue for as long as we're all told to stay at home. Hopefully this will help to provide you with a sizeable chunk of chuckles if you're stuck indoors, wherever in the world you may be. Thanks to everyone who's enjoyed downloading a bargain batch of videos since the scheme started and I hope you've enjoyed all the shows that you picked!

To reiterate, a MASSIVE thank you to all of our customers for your continued support of QuizBob Productions. An equally MASSIVE thank you to all of the incredible NHS workers out there, plus all those key workers too, for putting yourselves at risk to keep the rest of us safe.

Take care and stay at home!


*To explain for anyone interested... Despite how the package was presented by the UK government, it is not simply the case that anyone who filed a tax return for 2018/9 would be entitled to a grant: since I started QuizBob full-time in January 2019, there were just 3 months of self-employment for the 2018/9 tax year. As the bulk of my income for 2018/9 was from my previous PAYE employment; it does not count for support, in the same way that the ongoing 2019/20 tax year also does not count for eligibility.