Slime Balls & Mucked Up starring Scott Lawrence

Slime Balls & Mucked Up starring Scott Lawrence

Slime Balls has returned on our new set, with a new player and the addition of the some foamy pies! (And yes, the ducks are back too, in case you were worried.)


Scott Lawrence plays the game, takes some pies and tries to avoid releasing the vat of green goo perched perilously over his head.

Whilst Scott was with us, he also recorded an episode of Mucked Up - as if we'd miss a chance to record another show with him!

You can see both of Scott's shows RIGHT NOW as part of a special Double Download!

It features (in the order that they were filmed) both full episodes of Mucked Up and Slime Balls plus over 10 minutes of exclusive bonus footage from the shoots.

The bonus footage shows...

  • Scott wiping his feet!

  • Scott trying to remove gunge from his (very impressive) hair whilst producer Rob cleans out the tank above, dropping even more gunge onto him!

  • Scott wiping pie out of his eye!

Ok, ok, so it's hardly groundbreaking stuff... but it comes at no extra cost to downloading the episodes separately.


Click here for the SCOTT L DOUBLE download page (available for £18)

Click here for solo Slime Balls - Scott L (available for £8)

Click here for solo Mucked Up - Scott L (available for £10)