Q-BOID will take QuizBob to the next level!

Q-BOID will take QuizBob to the next level!

It's been almost a year since we filmed our first two Mucked Up Pilots (both still available on Q+). We're proud of what we've achieved in such a short time. Three unique formats and 28 shows recorded so far - that's more than one new show every fortnight, on average!

But we're under no illusions here: we couldn't have managed this without your support and we won't ever take that for granted. We also know that it wouldn't be fair to keep making essentially the same shows for years on end. That's just lazy production! We want to - and you deserve to see us - take things up a level.

We've always felt the weak link in our production was our studio space. The little budget we have goes on getting great guests to us in Birmingham and on getting plenty of gunk to drop over them! (Not to mention the days of planning quizzes, fact-checking, mixing slime, editing, preparing promotional material...)

Cameron in Drop It 03

So we came up with Q-BOID. More than just a "gunge tank", it will be a versatile "micro-studio" in itself. Adaptable for a whole range of productions - refreshing our existing line-up of quiz formats, making brand new QuizBob Productions already in the planning stages and - perhaps most excitingly - making it available for other producers, whether experienced or new to the scene, to use for their own concepts.

To make such a massive leap takes not financial investment but also a community that feels as though it has achieved something together. So that's why we're going down the Kickstarter route.

We've set ourselves a target of £1200 to hit by 11pm on Sunday 12th May. If we don't reach that target, the project isn't funded. But we already know we have amazing supporters so we reckon we will reach that target.

It's not like giving to a charity, either, where all you get is a nice warm glow inside for helping out. In fact, you can earn some totally exclusive rewards by backing the project!

The biggest news in this area is the return of both Matt York and Cameron Roberts. They'll be recording exclusive shows that will only be available to backers of the Kickstarter.

Matt York

That includes them both swapping their original shows! Matt will be heading into the dungeon in the first Drop It recorded in the Q-BOID set. Cameron will be trying his best to avoid getting showered in muck in the first All-New Mucked Up.

Cameron Roberts

Plus both will be playing a special one-off game that will get more and more difficult depending on how many people back it!

Find out more about these shows by checking out the rewards on our Kickstarter page. Remember, you need to back the project by May 12th to be able to view these new shows - they won't be available anywhere else!

But that's not all...

For some crazy-low prices (especially if you get in early), you can buy a trip to the tank of your own, star in your own private fully produced Mucked Up or Drop It show with a proper episode made to keep forever, or even get in early with hiring the tank for a few hours to make a show all of your own!

How does pledging to a Kickstarter differ to buying a download? When you pledge, your payment isn't taken until May 12th and ONLY if we've hit the target. There's no risk involved here - if we don't raise enough to fund the project and fulfil the rewards, it simply doesn't happen. If your chosen reward(s) involves downloads of existing shows, you'll get the links to these within 24 hours of the end of the Kickstarter. For everything else, you can see an estimated time on our Kickstarter page.

We've tried to provide a whole range of options for backers at a range of prices, starting at just £5 for access to exclusive pictures and videos of the whole build process. Then there are video download options and boxsets, right up to the amazing value experience packages. Check them all out on our Kickstarter and please do share on social media, send us your thoughts and ideas and help however you can so that we can make Q-BOID a reality. Thank you!


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