People Power - Jack vs. Jimmy!

People Power - Jack vs. Jimmy!

We've a brand new show coming soon.

It's called People Power because YOU can play a huge part!

Jack and Jimmy are great mates. They're business partners. And soon, they'll be going HEAD-TO-HEAD in an effort to win the game and stay clean! Why? The loser of the quiz will be getting slimed in the QuizBob gunge tank!

So where do you come in? The most popular player will be awarded the People Power - a big advantage in the quiz. In fact, the bigger their win, the bigger the advantage they receive! You help to decide who is most popular...


How to vote

REMEMBER you are voting to SAVE your favourite!

  • We have a poll on Twitter that runs until the vote closes, pinned to the top of our profile.
  • Various Instagram polls through the week - keep checking our Story, all the votes will be counted.
  • Each day, there will be new posts on both Twitter and Instagram - one for Jack, one for Jimmy. Favourite and re-post / retweet to support the guy you want to win. Every like and every RT on every post counts as a vote!
  • Use the #PeoplePower[name] hashtag to support your favourite across Instagram, Twitter and in the comments of our YouTube video - #PeoplePowerJack to support Jack or #PeoplePowerJimmy to support Jimmy! That's an extra vote for every person using the hashtag. Comments may be used on our social media channels or in the show itself!


The voting closes at 10pm on Friday 6th September 2019.

The video result will then be available at on Friday 13th September* - who will be having a very unlucky day?


*date subject to change without notice