Our second summer of fun

Our second summer of fun

The Q-BOID is almost here! If you've not being paying attention, the Q-BOID is the name for our new gunge tank, the centrepiece of our new set.

Final design

The final blueprints have been drawn up and now we're just waiting for the magical plastic fabrication people to fabricate us with two (a little one to hold the gunge and a bigger one to hold the player) totally transparent boxes. They're going to look amazing and we can't wait to get filming.

The set itself will be semi-permanent, with less reliance on chroma-key trickery (AKA "green screen" - though ours is actually blue) and a bit more scope for different angles and backdrops. Basically, the shows should look a lot snazzier than those we've made so far.

When will these new shows appear? We're aiming to have new content available before the end of the month. And we have some amazing players lined up this summer, plus a couple of new gunge-filled quiz formats too!

During our Kickstarter to raise the funds for building the tank, the chance to get gunged in the tank proved rather popular. It proved even more popular after, with more than a handful of you asking if you could still book a seat! We've taken some time to book in all those Kickstarter backers and some of our new shoots and now we can offer the Get Gunged experience to those who missed it. We're currently booking in from July to November - you might want to get in early as we expect dates to be filled up pretty quickly once people start to see the new gunge tank in action! It's just a £95 deposit up front now, too - that's something we couldn't offer on Kickstarter as it was against their terms to offer rewards with only a deposit paid. Click here to learn more and book your place... if you're brave enough...

Summer 2019 is looking brilliant here at QuizBob.net - whether you're an armchair viewer or want to jump into the tank yourself, there's plenty for everyone right around the corner!