Refreshed "Get Gunged!" Experiences

Refreshed "Get Gunged!" Experiences

We've updated our hugely popular GET GUNGED! Experiences...

...and, no... that's not a sneaky way of saying that we've increased the prices. There's actually been a price freeze!

Instead, we've...

  • added in an extra option for visitors who just want to experience being gunged - between our Single and Quad options, you can now pick a Double tank option!
  • made it clearer that ALL of our packages offer a video of your Experience at no extra cost
  • renamed the packages to be clearer about what's offered, including our top "Pro" package (previously "Quiz + Video") offering the chance to be the star of a fully edited show. More than the single camera option offered in the other packages, the package is fully edited to same high standard as our QuizBob Productions for sale. So that's titles, music, sound effects, on-screen graphics and multiple camera angles!
  • removed the "Private Experience" option, as it was too rigid. Instead, we invite you to contact us if you'd like to hire the set or arrange a more bespoke Experience!

Our Experiences have been hugely popular since they started in the summer. We've already welcomed (and slimed) over 30 people already. You can read a selection of glowing reviews in the gallery on our product page, where you can also compare all the packages and see our up-to-date availability calendar.

Dates are currently available from December 2019 until April 2020.