Some Fin or the Full Fin?

Some Fin or the Full Fin?

We were recently very lucky to have local rising star Fin Gardner - a talented actor and musician - join us to try his luck at two of our shows!

First up he tackled Mucked Up, risking his own clothes and awesome hair inside our gunge tank.

He then took on Slime Balls - did he dodge the pies and slime?

You can download Fin's attempt at beating the Slime Balls right now, with his epic Mucked Up to follow in December...

BUT, if you're impatient or fancy seeing some extra footage... Our November double download "Full Fin" allows you to see BOTH shows RIGHT NOW! That means you can see Mucked Up more than a month before it goes on general release!


EVEN BETTER... The Full Fin Double Download includes over 10 minutes of bonus footage, showing what happens after the show has ended and Fin is wiping the gunge away (or trying to, at least...)


Take a look at Fin's introduction to Mucked Up (with minor spoilers, if you don't want to know if he escaped the first gunging!)

Will you choose some Fin... Or Full Fin?

Click the pic for Slime Balls - Fin (available now for £8)

Click the pic for Mucked Up - Fin (available from late December 2019 for £10)

Click the pic for Full Fin - Double Download (available now for £18 including bonus footage at no extra cost)