Don't just Drop It, Drop It EVEN MORE!

Don't just Drop It, Drop It EVEN MORE!

Jack & Jimmy are BACK!

After a hugely popular appearance in PEOPLE POWER (with thanks to everyone that downloaded the show - you helped to make it our most popular launch show EVER), how could we not invite them to return?

This time, our two best buddies from Cambridge are taking on Drop It... Together! They take it in turns during the first round, with the player safely seated outside the gunge tank "helping" their pal inside the tank. Or at least, that's the theory!

For the final Double Drop, we somehow squeezed them both into the tank. Would it be a double sliming to end the show?

For the first time, we are also offering the chance to Drop It EVEN MORE, which is a super-length download. It has the full regular show, followed by the complete shoot, in its entirety, from multiple camera angles.

The full show itself is over 30 minutes (they do argue quite a lot about every question...) with the complete unedited shoot being around 50 minutes. That means Drop It EVEN MORE clocks in at over 80 minutes. It really is our biggest ever download!


For the regular Drop It episode, click the pic:

To Drop It EVEN MORE, click the pic: