Dropping in at last

Dropping in at last

After what has felt like forever - we filmed a couple of secret pilots way back in October - you can now finally enjoy Drop It for yourself.

What a perfect guest we have for our first show, too! Jordan is a proper lad who wants to win. You might also hear his mate Luke in the background, too, providing "encouragement".

We won't spoil the show by saying too much, but will say a few things... It is similar to Mucked Up - of that, there is no doubt. But it is more than just a refresh. Everything has been upped a gear. The show is pacier and slicker. The format provides more tension at each turn. There isn't such a feeling of impossibility - it's still all-or-nothing, but at least our players can achieve some right choices on their way to failure, if indeed they get the question wrong!

We couldn't just drop muck on them again if they lose the show. So instead, we drop various different slime and gunge. A LOT of it, too. And, as you may have seen in promo pictures and clips, there really is no escape...

Did we mention the players have to risk their own clothes, too? Well, they do! Jordan is wearing his own t-shirt and brings along TWO pairs of Aston Villa shorts.

Want to find out more about Jordan and see a couple of behind the scenes moments? Take a look at this, then...