Dropping again!

Dropping again!

Wow. What a start for our new production Drop It!

Thank you so much for your support, through downloads, social media, word of mouth... whatever and however - thank you. You made Drop It 01 the BIGGEST opening weekend of any show we’ve ever released! (And yes, we’re including the Mucked-Up.com days in that, else it would also be the only show we’ve released.)

Jordan was a fantastic first contestant, as those who’ve seen the show will testify.

But, we’re just getting going! We’ve plenty more episodes filmed, with Reece (the rather yummy bearded gent pictured) next up in Drop It 02 - that’ll be available on Friday January 19th, so not long to wait at all!

Don’t think that we’ve forgotten about Mucked Up, either. We’ve a brand new episode heading your way in the not too distant future!