All new in '19

All new in '19

After a quite incredible 2018 - thanks to all of your amazing support! - 2019 starts with a bang.

A new(ish) website (okay, it's pretty similar to the previous iteration, but it's a little more sophisticated in its appearance. And it's purple!), a brand new show released at the end of this week, and now we are a "proper" business, too. By which we mean, when you buy from us now, you are purchasing from QuizBob Productions.

What does this mean for you? Very little change at all, really! But for us, it's a big step. You might see some other elements of the QuizBob business sneaking onto the site, such as our voice over work. But rest assured, the silly quizzes aren't going anywhere.

Speaking of which, as mentioned before, Drop It, our new original quiz, launches this Friday, 4th January. The first brave contestant is Jordan Feenan (he's not the same Jordan as our most recent Mucked Up player). He'll be risking his Aston Villa shorts in the Drop Zone and Drop It Dungeon as he tries to dodge our gunge and slime... Will he succeed? Find out on Friday...

One final bit of admin... If you're very eagle-eyed, you might notice that when you checkout, it will no longer state that "taxes are included". That's because, as of January 1st 2019, unless we make a HUGE number of non-UK EU sales, we no longer pay the EU digital sales tax. Previously, these were only paid on our small number of non-UK EU sales, anyway, and we absorbed the costs rather than passing them onto our European buyers. Just don't ask if or how Brexit will impact on digital taxes... since no-one in the British government seems to know!