Thanks for making 2019 awesome!

Thanks for making 2019 awesome!

I'm not usually one for self-indulgent sentimentality... but 2019 has been so amazing for QuizBob, I'm prepared to make an exception... just this once.

At the end of 2018, QuizBob had been going for just 6 months. I left my full-time job to devote more time to making the shows (with various unrelated side projects too, to pay the bills). Mucked Up had been far more popular than I had ever dreamt, and I was hopeful that the second QuizBob creation - the similar-but-different Drop It, might catch on too.

After a couple of months filming in secret, Drop It launched in the first week of January (yes, it's not even a year old yet!) along with the all-new Most people may not be aware that virtually all the original Drop It episodes (those shows with the dungeon final round) were recorded in 2018!

If anything, Drop It was even more popular than Mucked Up had been. Add in another new show Slime Balls, and QuizBob was THE place for messy quiz shows!

But filming on the old set was a massive hassle and it felt like there wasn't much more that could be done to improve the existing formats or create new ones in the limited recording space. And so a Kickstarter was created to fund a new set and gunge tank. If I'm honest, I didn't even think we'd hit the initial target of £1,200. When we raised over £3,000, thanks to the generosity of our incredible fanbase, I was blown away.

We built our new set with our brilliant gunge tank taking centre stage. Well, pretty much all of the stage really - as anyone who has visited will testify, the set is a lot smaller in real life than you might expect! The Kickstarter also showed me that people really wanted to have a go in the gunge tank themselves, so our Get Gunged Experiences were created and once again I was amazed at the response. Due to the popularity of both the shows and Experiences, QuizBob is now my full time job... and I love doing both.

So, to anyone that has bought a download or visited us in Birmingham to experience the tank: thank you. You keep the shows going and the gunge flowing. (Further thanks to our friends at Gunge Tank Hire Ltd too - they play a big part in keeping the gunge flowing too, since they make it!)

And what fantastic shows we've been able to make with our new set... From our first shoot on the new set for Paddy's Mucked Up to brand new shows Puzzle Funnel and People Power, it's another huge "thank you" to our brilliant guests. It's always been my aim to get the very best guests on the shows. Not just good-looking guys but players who are entertaining too. There's a reason why Fin was our most downloaded player of the year - besides his handsome looks, he's also an absolute star (and a genuinely lovely guy too, I'm pleased to report).


So, what's to come in 2020? Even more cracking shows, that's what! With a few already filmed, I can say you're going to love the downloads coming up. As with 2019, you'll be seeing mostly fresh faces with a sprinkle of familiar faces too. In January, our double download is sure to be hugely popular with a brilliantly entertaining player. You’ll see what I mean very soon. There will also be a new episode of Drop It in the next few weeks, and we’re aiming for People Power to return in early 2020 as well! Plus we might have a new format or two on the way too, if the pilot shoots turn out nicely... watch this space.

I hope you enjoy our new content in 2020. If you do, please share your views on Twitter and Instagram - we're @QuizBobNet on both and we post regularly, so give us a follow to stay up-to-date!

Thanks again for all your support in 2019... Happy New Year!



Nathan C. helps us to thank you all for your support in 2019... after letting slip that he was disappointed not to have been pied on his episode of Slime Balls. If you're wondering why he's already more than a little messy, check out his episode of Puzzle Funnel!